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Will County has a total area of 849 square miles. It has 3 rivers and 2 canals. Between the Forest Preserve District of Will County, Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie, Channahon State Park, Des Plaines Fish and Wildlife Area, and numerous parks in the cities, towns, and villages of Will County, there are over 37,000 acres of preserved land. Will County is located on the dolomite, tall grass prairie.
Only remnants of the original prairie that was naturally created after the glaciers melted leaving loess behind upon which flora and fauna burst forth.  In a few feet of a cemetery, here and there, one may find plants descended from the original prairie plants. Will County Wild Ones can take you to one.
Landscaping with natives is not just a hobby for us, it is our duty as a keystone engineers. Those with plow knew not what would happen to the soil when the prairies were plowed over.  But we are not blind to the results of our efforts. Natural flora and fauna bring joy.
Did you know that the height of the glacier that used to sit on top of our area was taller than 10 Willis Towers stacked? The land beneath our feet today is still rebounding from its weight.