Welcome to Wild Ones of Will County

Last month we saw the documentary “Everglades of the North”. It was very revealing. The Kankakee River in Indiana was straightened into a ditch, the wetland drained, and arable land created. It seems that economically it was a success. That is only if you’re looking at dollars and cents.

When you look carefully it makes no sense. If truly counted it makes no cents. Alas. No one is looking carefully.
The farm land has to be continually managed by pumping and draining. The farm land that is now being developed for housing means that people are building homes on land polluted with the agricultural chemical run-off. If I were a betting person I would bet that bladder/kidney cancer is high in that area. The developments are in areas no longer managed by pumping and draining as conditions warrant. Let the buyer beware, the picturesque home has soggy lawn.

So if you know people who have moved to that area you can get seeds tonight at the seed exchange. Might I recommend wet land prairie plants?

7 p.m. at the Will County Forest Preserve Sugar Creek Admin Center.